3D Visualization: Mol*

Mol* is an interactive 3D molecular visualization tool supported at RCSB PDB.

The materials in this module can be used to

  • Visualize a PDB structure from the 3D view tab of structure summary page at RCSB.org

  • Select specific structure regions and display in various representations

  • Perform simple analysis (e.g. draw hydrogen bonds, and other non-covalent interactions, measure distances, etc.)

  • Compare structures – superimpose 2 (or more) structures (in a stand-alone version of the visualization tool)


Overview of 3D molecular visualization and intro to Mol* (Shuchismita Dutta, RCSB PDB)

Presentation slides (PDF)

Exercise and Tips

Use Mol* to visualize and explore the main protease

Answer Key

Guide for navigating Mol* features