General Lectures

These public lectures were recorded during Boot Camp.

Prof. Stephen K. Burley (Rutgers IQB, RCSB PDB)

The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is the global archive of 3D structures of proteins and nucleic acids. A growing number of SARS-CoV-2 structures are available from the PDB, and used to further our understanding of the virus for drug design and vaccine development.

Prof. Sagar Khare (IQB)

Coronavirus spike protein binds to receptors on cell surfaces, and is a target for vaccine development. Does spike structure and function offer any clues about infectivity (i.e. why is COVID-19 so much more infective than SARS-1?)? What would happen if we could block, mimic, and chop the spike protein?

Conception, Implementation and Management of Large-Scale Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19. (see also New Rutgers Saliva Test for Coronavirus Gets FDA Approval)